Kiki, Founder of Kiki Kiana Design

Kiki Kiana was Hawaiian-born and raised from childhood in the artistic atmosphere of a “family owned” advertising, and illustration business in Ohio.  She started working after high school as a photographer and choose to expand in the arts by graduating from the SAA School of Advertising Art, as a graphic artist.

She was elected class president and known, even then, as a “cutting edge artist”. Over the years opportunities opened to design for people from many states and other countries. Kiki has been living her dream, working in beautiful Ohio and Florida as creative designer, art teacher, photographer, and artist who draws from a rich blend of experiences.


I am so appreciative of the family, friends and the good people that are co-creating with me. Life continues to be an amazing journey.  It just keeps getting better.

Over the years, many opportunities have opened throughout the United States and other countries giving Kiki an opportunity to use her practical experience and creative skills as a designer, director, art teacher, photographer, and artist. Her goal has always been to use her art to help others realize their dreams. Recently she has included teaching new artists to enjoy and create their own drawings and paintings.  Call for a meeting and find out how she can help you.



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