2015 Florida Viking Fest, Tampa Bay

Florida Viking Fest Logo-by Kiki



Tampa Meets the Vikings – PRESS RELEASEFlorida Viking Fest logo_by Kiki

Tampa residents may remember how the early Pirate/Gasparilla-themed event has grown from way back in 1970’s.  Be part of the kick-off for the new annual Florida Viking Fest spearheaded by board president, Ivar Fiskaa. The new festival is sponsored by The Scandinavian Trade Association of Tampa Bay. Their goal is to interact with the Tampa Bay community and Scandinavians living and working in Tampa Bay, including anyone interested in cultural exchange.

Kiki Kiana Design Studio, a local designer from Tampa, was selected to design the first logo for the event — representing the five Scandinavian countries. The logo is  romanticized, showing a strong yet friendly man and woman, their counties sailing right into 2015.  When I asked about the event, Kiki said, “I’d say one of the best advantages in my work is all the opportunities I’ve had to help small companies from many parts of the world brand their own uniqueness.  I’m a world traveler interested in many cultural philosophies on this small blue marble we all live on.”  Kiki added, ” I am looking for my custom now for Viking Fest and October 9th coming fast, isn’t it?”

The Florida Viking Fest is one evening of celebration at the Tampa Garden Club, commemorating Leif Ericson Day. In addition to traditional Scandinavian food and music, a small replica Viking ship will be displayed outside the hall and there will be a spectacular VIKING re-enactment show there will be representatives from Tampa Bay foreign consulates and a variety of vendors promoting Scandinavian products and services.  In attendance will be keynote speaker Eric Hovland and representatives from Tampa Bay foreign consulates. Hovland is an outdoor adventurer and shark expert at Florida Aquarium who recently starred in the Norwegian TV adventure series “Alt for Norge.”   Come and learn more about of the folk history of Leaf Ericson and those sea faring people who landed in the America’s long before Columbus.