Tampa Museum of Art – FIVE by FIVE Art Exhibition

“The best event ever,” reports website and graphic designer, Kiki Kiana.

“It (5×5 show) featured the best mix of Tampa’s people — some of Florida’s most creative; graphic designers, musicians, artists, photographers, videographers, actors, dancers and lots of shoppers. It was a mind blowing, a tremendous turn out.”


The FIVE by FIVE Art Exhibition featuring over 550 pieces of art all 5 inches by 5 inches. Including sculptures that fit into an area 5×5 cubed. All the works — drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography and mixed media — all measuring 5×5 inches, produced by creative people from walks of life, from graphic designers to college student or teachers to hobbyist. Even some notable non-artist. All selling anonymously for only $25 — including the paintings shown. Many are donated by professional artists who live far away from Tampa. The fun part: You won’t know whose creativity you’re buying until after the purchase.

The popular Tampa show was held at the Tampa Museum of Art, 120 Gasparilla Plaza. The museum’s expansive tranquil first-floor and court yard was be transformed into a bustling cultural bazaar with live music, performance art, film, dance and, of course, visual art.

“It is creative break from my advertising design and website building that feeds my productive juices. It causes innovative sparks to fly, makes me a more product designer — fires me up!” Kiki added, “The weather was ideal, maybe 74 with that tropical breeze was tickling the palm trees. It was like a set.”

The pictures of the 5×5’s are still up on the website — http://fivebyfivetampabay.com/aboutevent/2014-gallery — if you want to take a peek at this year’s lineup. Perhaps you will want to be part of the event next year? You may want to donate a piece of your art or buy a piece from the show.

Next year as you look at the new collection and you happened to be from out of town? You must have a “friend” who will purchase and mail your art to you. A buyer must actually attends the event because the art is on a first come basic and all art is signed on the back. You can email or text the one you want to a friend, but you will be purchasing without knowing who did any piece until after they own it. This adds to the energy and completion to “get yours” as hundreds of people — three people deep — walk up and down the rows of art walls.

Unicorn by Susan McKay Moore
Water Dancer by Kiki Kiana
Audrey Ewing – Girl with Umbrella



My paintings and those of many friends sold with 100% of the proceeds donated to fund for artist grants and workshops.



“This was my first time I volunteered to man one of the many walls and help the buyers collect their treasures. The only thing I regret is not getting line for the Gelato or Wine. Will not make the mistake next year.    

“Now I can tell my friends that my painting hung proudly in the same museum with Monet, Renoir, Pissarro and Chagall… sweet…” Kiki added.

            “OK, I was down stairs but still… I will not forget the whole experience.  See you there next year?”


Kiki Kiana Design is a creative studio with a cutting edge reputation. Kiki has experience in printing, and graduated as a computer graphic designer for the Kettering School of Advertising Art. Take a look at her website. KikiKiana.Com to see a sampling of her creative solutions.